Project Management

for agile teams using Slack and GitHub

Thoughtful Slack integration for GitHub Projects.

Plan, Track, Report and Automate GiHub workflows in Slack. 

The new friction free way to work


Get the most out of GitHub Projects

Project progress suffers when GitHub Project is not up to date, blockers surface at the last moment and email notifications are missed in all the noise. Important issue context get lost in chat threads. There is too much asking around for updates.


With an easy way to manage GitHub issues in Slack, Troopr ensures GitHub Projects stay current and actionable alerts and insights are delivered in Slack without the noise. Everyone saves time and everyone is on the same page. This is the new Slack first way to work.

Why Troopr?

Our customers report getting better handle on projects and most report 50% or more improvement in team engagement and productivity.


Things you can do

Issue Creation

Create issues with buttons or commands

 Take any action on the created issues

Link issue to project and move columns

Quick Creation

 Quick create command using channel defaults

 Quick create issues from chat messages

Command automation for every GitHub action

Issue Listing

 Browse paginated list of issues 

Filter issues by assignee/status/milestone

Switch issues list to edit mode to take action

Issue Unfurl and Search

Auto unfurl issues when mentioned in chat

Search GitHub issues by keyword

Followup actions listed with every issue

Noise free notifications

Automatic grouping of alerts

Custom delivery frequency

Filtered by event type and transition rules

Subscribe to @mentions

Scheduled Smart Reminders

Automate actionable nudges in channels

Templates for Recently created issues, Issues missing updates and more

Customize a template in few clicks

Automated Reports

GitHub Report templates for automating report delivery to Slack

Templates for Daily Workdone, Open Blockers, Team Velocity report and more

Customize a Template in few clicks

GitHub Standups

Run async standup meetings in Slack

 Auto link and unfurl GitHub issue mentions

Get consolidated standup reports

Support for user timezone

Support for shared channels

✔  OAuth 2.0 3LO authentication for best in class security

✔  Your GitHub project issues never persisted on our servers

Digital Assistant for Agile Teams
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