• Rajesh Shanmugam

Agile Scrum Workflow automations with Jira and Slack

Jira is the defacto agile project management tool preferred by over 50,000 businesses around the world and Slack is the defacto collaboration hub for agile teams with 13M DAU and by far the most mature bot ecosystem for a business chat platform.

Why integrate Jira and Slack?

  • Keeps Jira current

  • Automates transactional interactions in Slack to save time

  • Automates nudging for updates

  • Switches from Email to Slack for actionable notifications

  • Shares insights with Jira Reports and Standups in Slack

  • Win-win for team members and stakeholders

Scrum process automation is good for business

  • Proven to improve team productivity and save time

  • Maximizes ROI on Jira investment

  • Upgrades employee workplace experience

See slide deck above for more details on how to integrate Jira and Slack and automate scrum workflows for your team.

Try Troopr for your team to save upto 90% of your time working with Jira.

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